Eliminate Wobble with the Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL LAB


An old commercial jingle went, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Today, I’ll tell you that the Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL LAB doesn’t wobble. It’s also one of the smaller handheld stabilizers in its class, no doubt a reference to the tiny Australian bird of the same name, and offers a unique design approach with bonus features you won’t find standard on similar models. We spent some time with this stabilizer and were quite happy.

Admittedly, this isn’t going to be the most robust gimbal on the market. Marketed for mirrorless camera models such as the Sony a7 series and Panasonic GH line, the WEEBILL LAB can support up to 6.6 lb and can seemingly do so with relative ease. Impressive, considering the 50% reduction in size and 80% increase in motor power. In our tests, with a GH5 and the Canon EOS R, the WEEBILL LAB performed quite well. It is also easy to balance with its locking axes. This lets you run through each axis one at a time until the entire setup is balanced, and means you can lock everything down when not in use. The tilt axis is even tilted so that you can view the rear monitor of your camera more clearly.

Battery power is good, rated for 10 hours of use with a pair of standard 18650 batteries. These are removable, meaning you can carry some spares for longer shoots and can charge using a dedicated charger when desired. Additional camera ports mean you can keep your camera powered up, too. This connection provides camera controls, as well, when working with supported models, including the GH5/GH5S, a7 II and III series, and more coming soon. For those without direct support, the WEEBILL LAB has a follow focus system built right into the grip. You can hook up the included motor quite easily and an external lens support is available for longer lenses.

All the controls can be found where you would expect, on the rear of the main grip. One thing I noticed is that the small size resulted in me occasionally hitting the joystick there and adjusting the camera position. Adding the included mini tripod to the bottom can help many maintain a better grip, though you can also use it on top for underslung shooting, or simply as another grip for added stability. For more speed, you can tap the Go button on the side to activate the PhoneGo mode, which maximizes turning speed to match your moves as closely as possible. Another nice feature is that the quick-release system uses Manfrotto and Arca-type-compatible plates for maximum compatibility with your other supports.

One thing we unfortunately didn’t get to thoroughly test is the ZY LAB mobile app. Using a wireless connection and the app, you can transmit HD imagery to your phone for previewing the shot and settings. From here, you can change certain settings, check the histogram, and more. The app also provides some controls for the gimbal’s motion via a touch system. This is where you will find automated features such as panorama, focus time lapse, motion time lapse, and long exposure time lapse. We will make sure to update you here if we get some more time to play with the app.

The WEEBILL LAB is shaping up to be one of the best travel gimbals available, due to its small size and extremely rich feature set. Even compared to technically better stabilizers, it’s hard to deny the appeal of such a compact system and makes it more likely I would grab one of these for my own personal kit.

Any questions about the WEEBILL LAB’s features or performance? Make sure to leave a comment below!


Can I use three crane 2 batteries in the weeblill crane.   The batteries that come with the weebill will not last through an entire wedding.  Even with a light lens and the sony a7111.  Also, having problems with wobble.  I am using the sony a7111 with sigma 16mm f1.6 most of the time and find it bumpy and jittery.  The crane v2 was much better. but that burned up on me after 2 years.  would Low, Medium or High be the best setting?

Is it compatible with Canon 200D ?

Yes, you will be able balance a smaller DSLR like that on the Weebill Lab.


Depends on your definition of "compatible" on a hardware level it is working fine but please be also aware of the choices of lens you are using.  Secondly on a full functionality side, Canon is not fully supported. i.e. on the EOS R, so I remove the cable, and end up controlling the camera with the Canon App separately, I hope this helps.

I have the little ole Sony RX 100 V, does the WEEBILL LAB support this small camera? 

We are not aware of there being a minimum load capacity on the Weebill Lab, so a small point and shoot like the RX 100 V should work.  However the EVO Rage-S may be a better choice for the RX100 V as it is designed specifically for smaller cameras, B&H # EVO50582.



I just got mine...  Is there somewhere that explains the menu options.

Adjusted the motor to strong,

but how do you use the 'calibrate' option?  When I select it it just goes to 'step1' and nothing happens.

Can't find any manual about the menu options.  Also, on android in the zy play app there is no option/support for the webill yet.

For help trouble shooting your Weebill Lab Gimbal please email us directly at askbh@bhphoto.com.

Thanks so much!

Hi. can it hold a canon 6D mark II and canon 24-105? thanks

Hi Shawn,

I shoot with a Sony PZ 28-135 G zoom on an a7Sii body (about 4lbs.).  I haven't been able to find a suitable gimbal without having to go with a MOVi or larger rig.  It looks like I could mount the lens shoe on the top of this and have plenty of room behind the camera.  I doubt that it would fit underslung, but I could live with that. I’ve heard the motors are pretty beefy so I’m hoping it would balance and handle the moment arm of my longer camera.  Do you think it would work for me?

The next questions would be the camera/lens motorized zoom compatibility with the software app?

Thank you,


Hmm. I would recommend going with a stronger model, such as the upcoming Crane Lab 3, for that setup personally, especially because of the size. It may work just fine with the WEEBILL though so if you plan on using other smaller lenses it could be a good pick. Unsure about whether the power zoom function will work with the app, though you could set up a follow focus with that lens.

Great review! Appreciate all you guys do!!

In the Overview there’s highlighted in the features, “synchronous zoom and focus control”. Might that be elaborated on, please?

And yes, a considerable concern here, especially at this price, will it come ready to go, compatible with mirrorless orientated cams like the a7 line, say in regards to the follow focus etc? Really don’t want to be having to buy add one and wait for updates etc. There are several other decent gimbal rigs, even by Zhiyun that are sufficient in performance for cam stabilizing for considerably le$$ - though they haven’t the follow focus or cam/smart phone interface etc. 

Thanks again!

I know that it sends live video to iPhone via wifi, but how is the video passed from camera to wifi?  Is it from the camera to gimbal via USB cable or some other method?  I have a Fuji X-T3 and would like to have at least some functionality.

Hi. can it hold a canon 6D mark II and canon 24-105? thanks

Any word on Fuji X-T3 support?

Not yet. But the WEEBILL LAB will support the weight no problem.

Hi There, in a video you say there will be servo follow focus included, but in the product description BH writes that the servo is not included, so how is it? Will there be two different packiging? If so what will be the price including external servo? Thanks. Btw. Great job ;-)

So, the version we received included it and we were told it was a production model. However, this early version may not be a perfect match with the models that ship. We are looking into this right now.

I was wondering the exact same thing. Crane 2 now comes with it, and  this would help me pick which gimbal to buy. Thanks

when will this be available

We are expecting our first shipment in early November. Be sure to check out the official product page and sign up for email notifications to be updated when the product is in stock. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1430269-REG/zhiyun_tech_weebill_lab_handheld_stabilizer.html

Can it hold a gh5 and sigma 18-35 combo?? 

Should not be a problem.

Can the WEEBILL be used as a stabilizer/gimbal for the compact Sony HXR-NX 30 E video camera?

Paul P. - Holland

As a fairly lightweight camcorder I see no issues in using the HXR-NX30 on the WEEBILL LAB.

Works with Blackmagic PCC4k????

Hi Henrique,

I believe it will, but I would be a little concerned about balancing the PCC4K since it is a lot wider than conventional mirrorless cameras. We will have to wait until both the WEEBILL LAB and BMPCC4K both become widely available for a definitive answer.

Does this gimbal allow the GH5 to send clean HDMI to an external monitor/recorder without disabling the GH5's screen? The Ronin S does NOT which cripples the GH5's ability to record externally. 

Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with the GH5's design than the gimbals. If you choose to connect the gimbal via USB-C and output from the camera's HDMI port at the same time I believe the GH5 will cut off the rear screen.