Make a Deal with the Red Devil: New Pickups from Seymour Duncan


Threading through a long list of legendary electric guitarists and their tonal mastery is a common and important factor… great pickups. For years upon years, Seymour Duncan has been a name tied to top-notch tone for electric guitars, and he continues to expand sonic horizons for players of all genres and styles. The new Red Devil pickups come hand built from Santa Barbara, California, with a sound buried deep in the heart of Texas. If the name Billy Gibbons (yes, of ZZ Top!) rings your memory bell, I'm sure you're already hearing the tone in your head. You see, it was he who sought pickups that could deliver the essence of his precious humbucker-equipped '59 "Pearly Gates" guitar in a single-coil footprint for guitars with S-style pickup cavities. That quest birthed the Red Devil at the direction of Seymour Duncan's Custom Shop manager, La Maestra (Marcela "MJ" Juarez)!

Available in black, crème, parchment, or white, the range of Red Devil pickups includes models designed and optimized for placement in neck, middle, and bridge positions. Each specially wound pickup features custom-calibrated Alnico 5 magnets and 12 adjustable pole pieces. 4-conductor lead wire is used to allow flexible wiring configurations, and vacuum wax potting ensures riffing devoid of squeals.

The bridge model packs the thickness of a P.A.F., making it ideal for chunky rhythms and hot leads. Knowing that sometimes it's best to just blend in with the band, Seymour Duncan made the middle and neck pickups slightly subdued for smooth melodies, controlled chords, and bluesy runs—sweet tone or bold fire at the flip of your guitar's selector switch.

If you rock an electric guitar with S-style, single-coil pickups, drop in a Red Devil in the neck, middle, or bridge (or get a complete set) to light a fire under its tailpiece. Stop by the B&H SuperStore or visit our website to meet the Red Devil!

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