Lectrosonics Announces SPDR Stereo Portable Digital Recorder


Lectrosonics announces its latest foray into the portable recording market, with the SPDR – Stereo Portable Digital Recorder, which delivers advanced technology and features, including stereo / dual mono modes with two channels available. Customer demand for a small, lightweight dual-channel recorder was the catalyst for creating a compact recorder for use on virtual reality sound captures or as a backup recorder for bag systems in the field. If you are recording an extreme sport participant, in-car scenes, or in situations where a wireless system isn't practical, the SPDR can travel with your subject and record professional-quality stereo audio, synchronized with timecode.

The SPDR can jam-sync with time code via an industry-standard 5-pin Lemo connector, and features a highly accurate, temperature compensated (TCXO) time base crystal. The embedded timing reference makes it easy to synchronize audio on the timeline of most audio or video editing systems. Recordings contain industry standard iXML chunks in the file headers, with the most commonly used fields filled in.

The SPDR records to a Micro SDHC memory card in Broadcast Wave Format (.WAV with iXML metadata) and 24-bit depth, in sample rates of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. The unit can accept inputs from analog line level and AES digital sources, or from lav microphones wired for standard Lectrosonics 5-pin "servo bias" inputs.

Other notable features include a Split Gain Mode and a Linked Stereo option. The latter operates limiters on both channels together to preserve the balance of the stereo image. Use Independent Stereo when you have two separate sounds/voices and each input will have a separate limiter. The Split Gain mode records two different tracks, one at the normal level and another at -18 dB as a "safety" track that can be used in place of the normal track if overload distortion (clipping) has occurred on the normal track. The SPDR has an external power input with internal battery switch over, allowing all-day recording from your bag battery with immediate fallback to the internal batteries, should there be an external power loss.

Also available from Lectrosonics is the MCAES3 Digital Cable, which is used to connect the AES3 digital output of a mixer or recorder to the AES3 digital input of the SPDR portable recorder. It is constructed with a TA5F jack, rugged coaxial cable, and a 3-pin female XLR connector. The 18" cable features soldered connections, allowing them to be serviced or replaced if the need arises.

Lectrosonics continues to provide cutting-edge products for the audio recordist working in pro-video and ENG. For more information on the SPDR, MCAES3, and other products, check out the B&H website or stop by the B&H SuperStore.